The Best and Easiest Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Rings Recipe

Wow, I bet it took you a few seconds to read the title, right? Well, no worries, preparing the easiest Philly cheesesteak crescent rings recipe will take you less than that. Ok, that’s a figure of speech, but this is indeed one of those recipes that take little time and the final outcome is big enough and tasty enough to satiate more than just one person.

How to Prepare the Best Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Rings

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Preparing a sandwich is easy enough right? You just get the bun and add the filling in, well the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich calls for a hoagie roll, a long flat roll used for hoagie sandwiches, but the process is pretty much the same. If you want to prepare a Philly cheesesteak crescent ring though, you will need a crescent dough, 2 tubes of it to be more precise.

Although most often the crescent roll is used for making croissants, this time you can use the individual crescent roll triangles to prepare delicious Philly cheesesteak crescent rings. You can do this by simply adding the triangles into a round pan in a circular shape. Make sure to press the corners of the triangles together and then add the filling and the cheese, finish the ring off by gently folding the pointy ends of the crescent rolls over the filling tucking under the center to secure the ring. You can find the whole Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Rings Recipe here, but be warned, you will want to immediately prepare it and dig in, it is that good!

Tips and Tricks for the Best Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Rings

There are a few tips and tricks that will make this already simple recipe even easier to handle, and even help you if you are on the look to save some money.

  • Use your leftovers

If you have prepared a steak for dinner the other day, and you don’t know what to do with the leftovers, preparing tasty Philly cheesesteak crescent rings is the way to go. You will be making another dinner recipe at the expense of that one. Alternatively, grill a bit less steak and enhance the richness in flavor with sliced mushrooms. (Mind you, the best stake to use is a ribeye sliced into thin strips after cooking).

  • Drain the ingredients

If you are to add sautéed veggies, the most commonly used are peppers and onions, make sure they are drained prior to adding them because you might end up with a soggy outer edge.

  • Don’t be shy on the cheese

Is this a cheesesteak recipe or what? Go for a combination of provolone cheese and cream cheese, and feel free to experiment by adding a different type each time. If you want to do this though, be sure to combine your favorite cheese type with one of these.

The Best sauces to Complement your Philly Cheesesteak Crescent Rings

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Not that a tasty meal like a Philly cheesesteak crescent rings needs something extra to make it perfect, but the old saying you can always do better hos not been around for so long in vain.

  • Horseradish Sauce

Since the sauce is called a horseradish sauce, you will need a teaspoon of prepared horseradish. Now, in case you don’t know how to prepare it here’s how you can do it:

Peel an 8-10-inch long piece of horseradish root and chop it into pieces. Grind it in a food processor. Be careful and keep it at arm’s length away, because much like freshly chopped onions, horseradish can really hurt your eyes if you get too close. Then add 2 tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of vinegar with a pinch of salt and pulse everything again. The vinegar will decrease the level of hotness of the horseradish, so the sauce will be really scrumptious. Transfer it to a jar and place it in the fridge. It can stay there for up to a month.

Now back to our sauce for the Philly cheesesteak crescent rings ☺. Just mix a teaspoon of the prepared horseradish with 2 tablespoons of sour cream and the same amount of mayonnaise, a 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder and an 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper.

  • Cherry Pepper Mayo Sauce

Since some like it hot, here’s a sauce recipe that will make your Philly cheesesteak crescent rings even better! You will need a cup of jarred hot cherry peppers.

To get them ready pat them dry, stem and seed them. Finely chop them and add a teaspoon of the brine from the jar.

Place the ready peppers in a bowl and proceed to add half a teaspoon of pepper and half a cup of mayonnaise.

There you have it guys, one super easy Philly cheesesteak crescent rings recipe, a few tips, and two incredibly delicious sauces as the cherry on top. Enjoy! ☺