Benefits Of Having A Fly Sheet For Horse

When it comes to the warmer months, flies and other biting insects become a huge annoyance for horse owners. Risking their horse’s health, fly sheets for horses have become a blessing for the spring and summer seasons. Alongside their core purpose, we delve into the various additional benefits that you are likely to notice from your fly sheet.

Prevent harmful diseases

Pests such as flies, mosquitos and other biting insects can potentially carry dangerous diseases such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus which are incredibly harmful to horses. The fly sheet acts as a physical barrier which prevents insects from being able to bite through the fabric, preventing any nasty diseases from being transmitted. As well as just keeping the body covered, many fly sheets use insect repelling technologies or fly repelling patterns which deter insects from wanting to come close to your horse in the first place.

Protection from UV rays

During the warmer weather, keeping our horses skin protected from the direct sunlight is important. Similarly to humans, the heat can lead to painful sunburns so adding a layer of protection can help keep their skin and coat healthy. For darker horses especially, their coat is prone to getting bleached and horses with pink skin are more at risk of burning. To prevent damage from UV rays, purchasing a fly sheet that reflects the sunlight can help to keep them stay cool and keep comfortable during the hot weather. For maximum protection, consider a fly sheet that extend up the neck or add an additional neck cover to keep as much of their body as possible covered.

Perfect for on the go

With your fly sheet, there is no need to worry about switching rugs when it comes to riding. The majority of fly sheets are designed for use all day long, perfect for any trail riding or hacking trips. Their lightweight and flexible properties do not restrict their movement and mean you can enjoy your ride without having to worry about any insects. The addition of a fly sheet is ideal for locations which are prone to an excessive amount of flies and insects such as woodland or long grass, as well as rides during dusk or early morning.

A comfortable fit

Once you find the perfect size for your horse, the close fit can provide a whole host of benefits. By covering your horse’s skin from all angles, the protection from bugs and sunlight is increased so your horse is kept as comfortable as possible. If your horse is already suffering from any skin irritations from either insect bites, wounds or sun damage, the addition of a fly sheet can help protect the irritated skin and allow it to heal naturally without any disturbances to the area or further risk of infection. To ensure their fly sheet fits perfectly, it should fit closely to their body without putting excess pressure on their neck or chest, never causing the hair to be rubbed off of their coat.