What Do I Do If I Believe My Property Boundaries Are Wrong?

Moving to a new property can be both exciting and stressful, but whichever way you see it, there will certainly be a significant amount of work that needs to be undertaken. The last thing you will need is hassle in the form of a boundary that is in the wrong place.                        

Nobody in their right mind wants to move into a new home and immediately get involved in a boundary dispute, which can be long-winded and costly and just plain aggravating.

It can be frustrating if you want to use your property in a certain way, but you are unable to do so as the boundary is not correct and proves to be a barrier. It can be essential for the construction of a garage, shed or metal barn, for example, to be able to achieve a structure of the desired size and shape.

The best way to avoid any stress is to get the situation sorted from the beginning and to get this done on a professional basis.

It is not a good idea to speak to your neighbors about the boundary unless you have specifically been advised to do so by a surveyor or similar professional. This is due to the fact that you could prompt them to take some action that could result in a drawn-out dispute, and there is no point in storming in to take action when you do not know the reality of the situation.

Similarly, do not assume that you know where the boundary should be and start moving or knocking down fences as you see fit, especially if you do not know who the fence belongs to.

Get in touch with a professional first and let them sort it out using their expertise.

A surveyor will need to be instructed to inspect the boundaries to determine where the correct boundary line should be, and you will be able to ask any questions you have, such as what does a residential property survey do?

A surveyor will be in a position to use specialist equipment and review old maps and deeds that will correctly show the boundary. In addition, use of a local surveyor will mean that you will get the advantage of their knowledge of the area and them being able to apply this to the situation to ensure the boundary of your property is correctly plotted.

Be aware that the surveyor’s report could also conclude that your property is encroaching onto the neighboring property, which may result in you losing some land once the boundary is then correctly placed.

Getting a professional report from a surveyor will provide clear evidence of where the boundary should be, which will provide effective evidence if it comes down to a boundary dispute with the neighbor.

Determine what you want to achieve by correcting the boundary and what you will get from the result. While you may have some idea that the boundary is in the incorrect position, you may not be aware of whether it if off by a few inches or a few feet. If it is only a small amount, think about what practical difference this will make and whether it is worth the trouble.