A Trio of Tips to Help You Get Settled After a Move

When you’re in the midst of moving, you are understandably so focused on collecting boxes of all sizes and packing up your belongings that it may be hard to think about what to do once you arrive at your new place.

In order to feel settled in your new home as quickly as possible, keep the following tips in mind:

Unpack in an Organized Way

You have just spent hours packing up all your stuff and loading it into a moving van, leaving you exhausted. However, one of the best ways to feel settled in your new place is to start unpacking ASAP. But rather than unpack random boxes, start with the items that will help you feel more at home.

For instance, unpack all the kitchen essentials, including your favorite dishes as well as your pots and pans and then strive to cook a meal or two as soon as you can, rather than feast on fast food during the unpacking process.

Indeed, there’s something about the smell of a pot of chicken soup or spaghetti sauce simmering on your new stove that will help you to feel right at home. You should also prioritize organizing your bedroom; this way, you’ll have a peaceful oasis to relax in after a long day of unpacking.

Be Willing to Rearrange Things

While you may want to unpack key areas quickly and then tackle the rest of the boxes as soon as you can, be prepared to rearrange and rethink various spaces along the way. As you organize your belongings, you may end up wanting to get rid of pieces that don’t fit the space or that you realize are fairly worn out. A good example of this is your master bedroom and your bed.

Although your old, tiny bedroom only had room for a full-sized bed, you may be pleasantly surprised to find your new bedroom is much larger and can accommodate the king bed you have always dreamed of owning. To make the entire process of getting a new mattress as easy as possible, look for retailers that offer furniture delivery.

For instance, Jerome’s Furniture not only has an outstanding selection of king-sized mattresses, but the retailer also offers furniture delivery. Your back is probably still feeling the effects of lifting moving boxes and furniture, so give yourself a break and enjoy the ease of furniture delivery and a new mattress to help you feel settled.

Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Another terrific way to feel settled after a move is to get to know your new neighborhood and some neighbors, too. Start by going on walks. If you have a dog, he will also appreciate the chance to get out and get to know the new sights and smells of his new block. 

Greet neighbors along the way and introduce yourself, and, if you feel comfortable doing so, ask for tips on great places to eat and go grocery shopping. You can also explore your new neighborhood by car and check out these suggested eateries and stores, as well as parks, the local hardware store, big-box stores, coffee shops and more.

Enjoy Your New Home Sweet Home

Feeling settled in your new place can take some time, but by following these tips, you should feel at home much sooner. By being organized about unpacking, treating yourself to some new pieces, rethinking certain spaces, and getting to know your new area, you and your home will feel organized, settled and peaceful in no time.