5 Things You Should Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, and you may feel like rushing in immediately once the house is yours. It’s undeniable how many challenges you overcome when buying a house, and succeeding is definitely a cause for celebration. It’s important that you make your transition into a new home as smooth as possible, though. It would be a real shame to taint the experience with unnecessary frustrations, wouldn’t it? There are also practical issues to tackle such as your security and the proper function of your home. By doing a little extra work ahead of time, you can ensure your move-in is relatively stress-free.

Do a Maintenance Sweep

Your home inspector should have checked the house for leaks and other maintenance issues before you purchased it, but it never hurts to be thorough yourself. If all is well, this will give you peace of mind. The worst-case scenario is that you actually find a problem, and it’s best to catch these early. Leaks are probably the most critical issues you could come across, and it’s much easier to check for them before you move in. You can arrange a two-hour time window to monitor your water meter and ensure that no one uses water during this time. If you get different readings, you know you have a leak to fix.

Update Your Address

You need to update your address with the USPS any time you move to ensure your mail reaches the correct destination. Fortunately, you can update your address online without much hassle, at least when it comes to the post office. You’ll need to update your address with your credit card companies, cable company, and any other services you use separately, and it’s best to do this sooner rather than later. When it comes to your internet company, they’ll need to install a new network in your new home.

Change the Locks

Any time you’re moving into a new home, changing the locks should be a top priority for your own safety and security. There’s no telling how many keys could be out there for the original locks or who has them. You’ll need to inspect the home for every door with a lock, and you can either switch them out yourself or call a locksmith. Obviously, this is most important for the front and back doors of the house, but you may want to switch out interior ones as well. You can also install your own deadbolts if you want.

Deep Clean the House

If a house isn’t clean when you move in, when will it be? It’s, of course, important to make sure the bathrooms, kitchen, and the rest of the interior is clean, but don’t neglect the outside of the house. Your siding, walkways, driveway, and windows should all be in great shape, too. With services like window cleaning Charlotte, you can make sure you have clean windows, get a gutter cleaning, and have a pressure washing for the side of your house. Siding can build up mildew and other grime over time, which can be hazardous for your home’s condition and your health.

Prepare for a Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming more common, and moving into a new house is your perfect opportunity to plan for a conversion. Smart homes typically operate with digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, and smart home devices can include anything from the thermostat and appliances to the home security system. Home automation and voice commands can make home life much easier, and many home automation devices can be controlled from your smartphone. Home automation systems can be expensive upfront, but they pay off with convenience and can raise resale value. You’ll have to decide whether smart home gadgets make sense for you.