5 Steps To Having A Clutter Free Desk

Whether you are working or studying, it is always important to keep your desk clean. If your desk is visually appealing, clean and clutter-free, then you will feel better and more motivated. But unfortunately, we all end up with a cluttered and messy desk. And with having untidy environment, we are visually distracted. it is unbelievable how small changes can do so much for your motivation. Decluttering is not that easy, but we will make it simple for you. Read on and find out how!

Remove everything

You should start by removing everything from your desk. Starting from zero is a good start point. It looks better like this, doesn’t it? Before you do anything, give it a good cleaning. Now, revise the pile of items that you have removed. Which ones really need to be there, and which ones are only a distraction to you?

Sort the items

Now you can proceed to the next step, or identify what is what. You should divide all the items in three piles. One, the thing that you really need and use. Two, the things that you need but don’t use frequently. And three, the things that you really do not need. Now it is time to deal with what does not belong here. Solve the pile number two. These are usually things that have ended up on your desk because you were too lazy to put them back where they belong. Store these in their own place. Throw the pile of useless things. Things like old papers, broken pens, outdated calendars should find their place in the garbage.


Even after you have done the cleaning and decluttering, you can do the organizing. Why? Because you will loose time and space if you organize things that you do not use. Now, it is an important thing to find a proper way to organize all of your things. if you don’t do the organization properly, then you can loose track on the things. For the tiny things, get some tray organizers. That way, you will not lose anything.


You should consider the desk layout. When doing this, take advantage on the logical order of things. The positioning of the items should serve you to maximize the efficiency. Frequently used things should be on arms reach. The computer should take place in the center, as seen from the gaming tables for PC. Consider your habits too. When you instinctively look for a thing in a certain spot, then that’s where it should be. The non-essentials things should be easy to reach, but still out of the way. This means that you can store them in near drawers. If you rarely use a thing, then place it as far as possible.

Create habits

After you have done this process, your desk looks just perfect. But, you need to make sure that it stays this way. Spend only 5 minutes of your time to clean your desk every day. This is a better idea, then having to spend a whole day when the things accumulate.