5 Romantic Date Night Ideas Your Partner Will Remember Forever

Tired of your date nights feeling routine and ordinary? There are lots of things that you can do to add a little romance into your next night out with your someone special. Liven things up with these five romantic date night ideas your partner will remember forever.

Create (Or Re-Create) a Special Date

Everyone has fantasized about their idea of a dream date, but not everyone gets to experience it. Be clever and ask your special someone to tell you about their dream date fantasy, then surprise them by creating it. Not only is the process of creating the moment a great way to learn something new about your partner, but the thought and sentiment behind it will always be remembered.

Keeping the spark alive takes more work the longer a couple is together. So maybe instead of creating a dream date, get nostalgic and re-create your first date. Nothing says romance more than reliving that first-date spark and looking back to see how far the relationship has come.

A true romantic surprise to last a lifetime would be to re-create a marriage proposal for one of your anniversaries. Imagine being on bended knee again with a diamond ring in hand. Agape Diamonds has crafted a beautiful selection of conflict-free simulated and lab created diamond rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Every one of Agape Diamonds’ quality-made simulated diamonds comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a lifetime warranty.


Who says that going on a date has to involve going out? Everyone has experienced the feeling of wanting to go do something but not being able to afford it. Organize a DIY date by creating an experience at home. Maybe the tickets to a concert were too much. Stage a private watch party at home by playing recorded footage and preparing food and drinks for you and your partner to enjoy while viewing.

Another DIY date idea is to do a fun project at home. Get creative and piece together a massive puzzle, put together a time capsule and bury it, give home-brewing a try, or attempt making a short film.

Learn Something New Together

Learning something new together is a cute way to spend quality time and connect. Have fun taking a cooking class and learn how to cook something unique. Feel inspired by the experience to learn more about each other’s favorite food experiences. Consider taking a pottery or wine and painting class, learn a new language together or try taking a challenging exercise class. Learning something new can inspire a little healthy competition and bring out a fun new side in each other.

Do Something Adventurous

Get your blood flowing by going on an adventurous date together. Get lost in a new city and spend the day discovering new things. Overcome stage fright by belting out tunes at a karaoke bar, arrange a lesson in how to do the flying trapeze, or rent a motorcycle or scooter and go for a ride. There’s also horseback riding, a romantic ride in a hot-air balloon, skydiving, and indoor rock climbing.

Plan a Romantic Getaway

Another memorable date idea is to plan a romantic getaway. Blindly point at a map and plan a trip to whatever destination you’ve landed on. Pack everything needed for the getaway and reveal the surprise either on the way to the destination or on arrival.

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