5 Reasons to Do a Spontaneous Cruise

Another work-filled week has gone by, and you devoted very little time to considering any fun plans for your weekend. Instead of proceeding with a quiet, mundane grouping of days off, consider an embarkation of your imagination! Why should you, sailor, consider booking an impulsive weekend cruise?

1.      Your Routine Needs a Boost

Saturdays and Sundays start to look the same: you wake up, brew a pot of coffee, fry some eggs, toss a load of laundry into the washer, turn on the television, binge watch your favorite series, eventually fold the aforementioned laundry, and maybe venture out to the grocery store before the sun goes down. The grocery store? Is that the travel highlight of your Saturday? Life is meant to be fully lived and celebrated, so this is one reason why you should spontaneously pack your bags and travel. Consider weekend cruises to help you shift from “boring” to “bon voyage” in no time.

2.      All Work, No Play

Your job is important; it pays the bills, motivates you, helps you grow, and further develops your skill sets and experiences. While your career may claim a significant portion of your schedule, it is recommended to purposely allocate time away from your workplace when feasible (responsibilities-wise and financially). Are you able to set aside some money with each paycheck, and/or does your employer provide paid time off? There is a significant percentage of employees in the U.S. who do not use their earned vacation hours because they may have trouble finding an opportune time to step away. Spontaneity is helpful here, as you should be able to spare a few days for a last-minute nautical journey rather than hoping you can find the time later in the year. You can also take strategic steps to minimize work exposure while you are traveling. Here is your validation: you deserve to have work-life balance!

3.      Keep Your Mental Health Afloat

Life happens. Sadness creeps up sometimes, but you can be the Captain of your own happiness by prioritizing your mental health. There are ways to improve your emotional wellbeing at home or any destination, and worry-free cruises could help bring your mental state out of a land-locked rut. Picture yourself on a lavish ship enveloped by beautiful ocean waters, happy travelers, engaging activities, and world-class dining options. If these surroundings do not bring a smile to your face, maybe the belly-flop competitions will do the trick! Kayaking, paddle boarding, zip-lining, and other excursions may also be good for the body and soul.

4.      Destination Dreaming

Have you been drooling when you see photos of island scenes with pristine beaches, cascading palm trees, baby blue skies? Instead of daydreaming at home, you could be dipping your toes into the ocean, Mai Tai in hand, breathing in the salty breezes. Rather than clicking through others’ photos on social media, why not leave the house and live the life you crave? There are often nice price discounts on last-minute cruise bookings, too, in case you might prefer Key West instead of captivity.

5.      Seafaring Service

You are always serving others, so why not allow yourself to be sea-spoiled for a change? Maybe you have been cooking for your family, your neighbors, yourself every day; an endless buffet can take your stress away! Nicely dressed, professional service staff can provide your fancy dinners each evening, too. “A second helping of filet mignon? Indubitably!” Desserts are all-you-can-eat (challenge accepted) and the skilled cabin attendants will clean your stateroom, fold your sheets, and leave adorable towel animals on your bed after an evening full of cruise cupcakes. You can also receive a massage or facial from spa professionals if you desire even more pampering in paradise.

What are you waiting for? Grab your passport, at least one bathing suit, a formal outfit for the Captain’s dinner, and watch your boredom sail away. You are sea-worthy of a luxurious getaway and a celebrity-status Saturday and Sunday for a change.