3 Ways to Make Your Room Sleep-Friendly

Everyone loves a comfortable bedroom. Why? It’s our place of solace at the end of the day. It’s where we just want to chill, relax, and let the stress of the day flow out. However, not all bedrooms can offer the same comfort.

Are you having difficulty simulating a sleep-friendly room? Are you more stressed when you enter your sleeping space? Does it make you want to do work or chores? When your bedroom does not encourage you to rest, you do have a problem.

It’s supposed to be the space to give you comfort. Don’t fret though, here are three ways you can do to make your bedroom a better sleeping space. 

Change your drapes / curtains, or blinds. – Is your room receiving an abundance of natural lighting? Who doesn’t love a well-lighted room? Having sunlight enter the room is awesome and it lessens the usage of artificial lighting. That’s energy-saving for you! 

However, there’s a downside to this when it comes to sleeping. When the natural light enters the room in the morning, it also automatically cues your body to wake up. Even though it’s not yet time for you to rise, you have no choice because the lighting already signaled your body and brain to wake up. 

This is actually a common dilemma – a room with plenty of natural lighting versus a dark room that allows you to sleep longer? The good thing? You can have both ways. All thanks to blackout drapes, curtains, or blinds. 

They effectively keep out the light when you still want to sleep, and you can draw them aside later when you’re already up and ready for the day. 

Change your bed. – If your bed is an ancient one, please replace it already. Yes, it’s no longer aesthetically pleasing but more than that – it’s no longer hygienic and healthy to keep it. 

Do you know that old mattresses are breeding grounds of bed bugs and dust mites? They cause allergy attacks and respiratory problems. Also, old mattresses are no longer firm. It will just make your body ache in several places and it will be harder for you to sleep. 

If your bed frame is still good, just change the mattress. Many people find it difficult to let go of their old mattress because they think it’s hard to get another one because of its size. They find it a hassle to buy it in stores because it’s difficult to bring it home. 

That’s not an excuse though. Buy a mattress in a box, the size would be compressed in its packaging making it less bulky. Another option is to buy mattress online, so it would just be delivered to you. No more reasons, just let go of that old mattress already! 

Get organized! – When your bedroom makes you want to do work it only means one thing – there’s so much going on! Your things are probably scattered all over your room. 

Your clothes are probably piled up on your lounge chair. Your vanity table is covered with all of your toiletries. And what side table? All you see is your stuff on top of it. Clearly not a relaxing sight to see at the end of the day. 

What you could do is, organize your stuff. Designate containers or bins where you could place your things. Clothes inside the closet. Books inside this bin. All toiletries inside the drawer. Other mishmash of things inside this container. It’s all up to you. The less clutter you see, the less distraction you will have.

Make it also a habit to put away your things immediately so they don’t pile up. It’s easier to tidy up your space when you put things in their respective places after using. Once the clutter are cleared, be amazed how relaxing your view will be.