What Are the Table Saw Features You Need?

Woodworkers love table saws. One of the most important pieces of equipment used in a workshop, table saws are difficult to buy. With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to find which one works the best for you. Today, we will help you select a good table saw, based on the features it provides you.


The weight of the table is the most essential feature of the tool. If you are doing only amateur woodwork and that too infrequently with lighter and smaller pieces of wood like pine, then you can get a lightweight table. There are several models available in the market that you can choose from. However, if you want to work on bigger projects, work very frequently and often use hardwoods, these options may not be good for you. Choose weightier models only.

They are always the most ideal choice for those who want to get quality work done. This is because heavier models often absorb the vibration more efficiently. This helps in keeping your hand straight and getting sleeker cuts. Also, these tools handle the weight and pressure of the block of wood more effectively, thus avoiding slips and other accidents. A cast iron table saw is the most prized style of equipment you can get.

The table

Always select a strong, flat, and smooth table. This is the main support for your woodwork, so getting this right is essential. Again, a meatier table is a better option as it provides better results. The extra mass of the table handles weight and pressure well as easily absorbs all vibrations. Go for portable and lightweight table saws only when you are using it for smaller work.

Blade guard

Any modern table saw must come with a blade guard. It helps in keeping your hands safe. Instances like kick back, unexpected contact with the stock and accumulation of dust and debris from the blade could make your saw work in unexpected ways if not maintained well. A guard ensures that your blade remains sharp and cuts well. At the same time, it helps in keeping your hands secure.


If you work very frequently, especially with hardwoods, you need to ensure that your saw comes with a higher number of amps. The more frequent and heavy the use, the more amps you need. In general, a good quality table saw, doesn’t come with lower amps. This helps you in getting the maximum cutting power.

Shaft lock

Also known as the arbor, this nifty little feature can be very helpful in ensuring your safety. Too many woodworkers forget to unplug their machines when changing the blade. This leads to accidents. However, the arbor is designed to immobilize the blade so that you can replace it with ease. While due diligence must be employed. This added feature could help you in avoiding unpleasant accidents.

Extendable rip fences

While most amateur woodworkers don’t consider this an important feature, the experienced ones know that an extendable rip fence helps you get better rip cutting capacity when working on difficult projects. When not needed, it can be folded. But when you need it, it can easily be spread out to get the desired cut. If you get a micro-adjust rip fence along with this, you will get extra cutting power for making precision cuts in the stock.


Dust chutes or blowers are the most intelligent features to have in a table saw. They keep removing the dust and debris in the line of work while you move ahead with the saw. This helps you in avoiding kickbacks. In addition to this, the blade doesn’t get worked up too soon and remains sharp for longer.

Look for these features while buying a saw and get only quality tools home.