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  • Is a Corner Sofa Always a Good Choice?

    “Get yourself a corner sofa” is the general advice you’ll hear when you talk about buying furniture you should get for your home. Corner sofas are versatile, space-saving furniture that will fit your room better than any other sofa in most cases. There are a few instances that corner sofas are not the best idea […]

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  • How to Choose the Sofa of Your Dreams

    Given the fact that we spend lots of time sitting on one, it is an excellent idea to invest money in quality sofas. It is better to spend some time pondering on the possibilities you have, than buy a cheap sofa and then regret it. But what should you take into account when you want […]

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  • 16 Stunning Purple Living Room Design Ideas

    Purple was once considered as a noble color, as it was used to dye the fabrics that were worn by emperors and rulers of the ancient Roman kingdom. Nowadays, some people associate this color with something luxurious and modern, although it can be a bit eccentric, as well as too strong for an interior design. […]