Post Phone Numbers for These 6 Emergency Services on Your Wall

Everyone knows the number for emergency services (911 if you live in the United States), but there are other emergency contacts you should always have on hand. You can place these numbers in your phone, but it’s best to post them on your wall in case other people need to make the call while you’re gone or if you don’t have your phone.

Emergencies can arise out of natural disasters, power outages, and sometimes it’s simply mechanical failure.

Here are 6 emergency service numbers everyone should post on their wall.

1. Emergency plumbing services

Plumbing emergencies aren’t fun. Hopefully you never have to rush to turn off the water from multiple sources, but it’s always a possibility. 

If you wait to find an emergency plumber until you’re in the middle of a plumbing emergency, you’re more likely to call the first company you find. That may work out, but you may not get the best service.

The only way to ensure your plumbing emergency is handled by experienced professionals with a good reputation is by choosing your emergency plumber before you have a problem.

Do a little research online to find a plumbing company with an experienced team that can handle virtually any emergency situation. For example, Flood Brothers Plumbing in Southern California specializes in catastrophic flooding, emergency sewer and critical rooter needs, drain back-up services, and standard plumbing repair.

Make sure the company you choose can handle more than basic plumbing repair so you’re not caught off guard having to find another company in the middle of an emergency.

2. Emergency veterinary care

If your pet has a medical emergency, you need to know where you’re going to take them without having to look it up online. If you or someone in your household has time to call ahead and let them know you’re coming, the number will come in handy.

3. Local police 

If you call 911 for a non-emergency, the operator might not tell you that you’re clogging up the lines for people who have a real emergency. However, it’s important not to use 911 unless you are having a real emergency or you don’t have any other option. 

At least in the United States, each police department has a non-emergency number you can call. This local number is what you should use to report things like noise disturbances and crimes that have been committed in the past and are not currently in progress.

Posting this number on your wall ensures that everyone in your home – resident and guest – has access to the number in case they need to call police.

4. Emergency electrician services

Under normal circumstances, you need to schedule an appointment with an electrician ahead of time. Not all electricians have an emergency service. 

There are signs to watch out for that indicate you’ve got an electrical problem that requires emergency repair. For instance:

  • Flickering and dimming lights
  • A circuit breaker that trips frequently
  • A burning smell around your electrical outlets
  • Buzzing or humming sounds coming from the breaker
  • Large sparks or yellow sparks

Posting an emergency electrician’s number on your wall ensures you can make the call quickly and easily. If your power goes out and your phone’s battery is dead, you can use your home’s landline to make the call. Avoid relying on searching for an electrician in your moment of need just in case your cellphone battery is dead. 

5. Computer repair services

These days, computers don’t seem to last very long. However, you might need to get your computer repaired at some point. If you have an Apple computer and can’t wait for an appointment at the Genius Bar, post the number for a general repair shop that fixes Apple and Windows-based computers. 

If your situation sounds simple, some local shops might be willing to take a look at your computer that day.

6. Emergency extermination services

What would you do if you came home from work and noticed a wasp hive above your front door? You probably wouldn’t want to wait for an appointment with an exterminator, and tearing down the nest on your own is dangerous

Being prepared reduces stress

In the midst of an emergency, stress is inevitable. By keeping posted emergency numbers you’ll be calmer when an emergency situation unfolds.