How to Make Your Apartment Pet-Friendly

Obviously, most people lead extremely diverse childhoods. We all liked different things even early on, and had a lot of different tastes. But no matter what kind of kid you were, one thing is certain; at one point or another, you asked your parents to get a pet. It’s quite normal, too; pets are extremely fun, plus they let children learn about socializing and empathizing with others. But if you’re living in an apartment, having pets can be tough; especially in a smaller space. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got ways to make your apartment pet-friendly right here!

Carve them out some space

So, let’s say that you’re moving into a new apartment. You’ve hired a moving company like and moved the stuff into your new apartment. But if you’ve got a pet, you want to make your apartment pet-friendly; so that your little animal buddy can get used to the new surroundings, and learn to love them. Obviously, in a smaller space than a house, this can be a difficult task. But if you approach it with the right mindset; everything will be completely fine.

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If you don’t want your pets being absolutely everywhere, give them a space of their own!

For starters, we recommend doing a little bit of a mental exercise. Think of your pets as they were your roommates. So, what’s the most important way to keep everyone happy when you’re living with a couple of roommates? That’s right – everyone having their own personal space for themselves. With hat in mind – in order for your pet to be comfortable in the apartment, you’ll have to give them a small amount of space to call their own. It’s where they’ll sleep, and where you’ll keep all of their toys. Plus, it’ll keep them from ransacking the rest of the apartment and chewing on furniture.

Have a schedule

You should realize something right away – if you want to make your apartment pet-friendly, it’s not all about the physical technicalities of the apartment itself. For those who are living with a family or with roommates; it’s important for everyone to be on board with having a pet in the first place. Trust us, pets can sense conflict and discomfort quite easily. So, if you don’t have an understanding with everyone who you’re living with; the pets won’t be comfortable in that sort of apartment.

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Make sure everyone in your home gets along with the pet!

Don’t worry, though. If you reach and understanding with the people you’re living with, the pet can actually be a sort of a joint project. You can divide the pet-related chores among each other, so that everyone will have some sort of activity, but no-one will be overworked. That way, you’ll all get closer to the pet, and that sort of positivity will be crucial. If everyone involved has the right attitude, you’ll find that a small apartment can look much bigger – and there will be enough space for everyone. It’s all in the way you think, basically. And in the way you approach the task.

Pick the right area

If you’re looking to make your apartment pet-friendly, and choosing the right place to live in, remember something; it’s not all about what’s going on inside the apartment. Apart from that, you’ll also need to consider your immediate surroundings once you go outside. At the end of the day, pets are animals – and they like the outdoors, which are hugely important for their development. With that in mind, you should make sure you can reach some nice outdoor areas from your apartment, and find something nearby. For example, ideally you can hire moving services when moving in Florida, and always have great weather and nice scenery around.

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Pets will require a little nature even in the most urban areas.

But even if you’re living somewhere like New York; you should scout your neighborhood for at least a pet-friendly park. There’s bound to be something around, but you may simply not know about it yet. Trust us on this, though; having a good natural area nearby will do wonders for your pet’s stamina and happiness. Plus, you can let them socialize with other pets while they’re there. And let’s face it – your pet will probably need to stretch its legs at least once a day. So, you don’t want to walk around in a boring old concrete area.

Small practicalities

At the end of the day, as always – the devil is in the details. So, if you want to make your apartment pet-friendly; lastly, you’ll have to iron out a bunch of smaller kinks. However, you’ll probably find that these are actually the cause of most of your issues in the first place. Crucially, you have to realize something; having a pet-friendly apartment also means doing everything you can to make sure your pet is as low-maintenance as possible.That way, you’ll grow to love them even more. But what does this entail? Everything you can imagine, basically – but here are some of the things to remember.

Does your apartment have any sort of patio? Your pet will constantly try to go outside, which will always require your attention. But if you install a doggy door for your little friends, they’ll be able to come and go without you lifting a finger. Also, does your pet leave a lot of hair laying around? Keep a pair of rubber gloves on hand in every room. Some waters and rubber gloves will prove to be a practical hair magnet. With those, you’ll find animal hair sticking to your fingers, so you can just throw it all out as you please.