How to Find the Best Sunroom for Your Home

After the excitement of the holidays is over, the new year bites tough, and it’s hard to find anything to become truly excited about (unless you’re a crazy snow lover). Memories of an over filled house with too much noise should prompt you to start thinking about extending your space, and there’s no easier way to do this than with a Desert Sun Patios sunroom. Whether you’re simply transforming your deck by installing a sunroom on top, or undertaking some serious building work, a sunroom will give you both some extra space for your family spread out into, and a new formal entertaining focus area for next year’s holiday celebrations. 

When you’re working out how to find the best sunroom in Calgary for your home, you need to take into consideration the following questions:

  • How do you want to heat it? – the biggest choice of Desert Sun Patio sunrooms is whether you want to use the room  throughout the whole year, or just while it’s nice enough to be outside. If you want a year round entertaining space, then you want a four season sunroom, which has thicker walls, better insulation and the option to connect to your current HVAC system. A three season sunroom is your other option, which is considerably cheaper as it’s designed to make use of the natural heating properties of a sunroom (the sun’s energy is trapped by energy efficient windows and released slowly throughout the day), but won’t protect you against the harsh cold of the Calgary winters. 
  • What is the profile of your home? – once you’ve decided on the number of seasons that you want to use your sunroom for, your Desert Sun Patios sunroom consultant will start to discuss the building specifications. The biggest choice is the shape of the roof, which will depend on the outside profile of your home. Taller homes with built in gables will suit an A frame sunroom, while lower buildings with flatter roofs will match a studio sunroom roof. Both roof types allow for skylights and are easy to install. The A frame gives you a little more vertical height for more elegant light fixings but costs more to heat due to the extra space, while the studio roof fits built in lighting, but is harder to keep clear of the snow.
  • How will you use the room primarily? – finally, you will need to think about you’ll use the room throughout the year. A space that is primarily for relaxing and experiencing the outside world will call for big floor to ceiling glass all the way round, while a more formal entertaining space will need to feel like a proper room with walls and large windows to frame the views outside. One compromise is to install patio doors all along one side, and walls connecting back to the house which will focus the eye out toward the garden.

The best thing about any of these types of sunroom is that they can be installed at any time of year, so make 2020 the year to  find the best sunroom for your home with Desert Sun Patios!