Factors You Must Be Aware Of Before Hiring an Interstate Moving Service

According to stats, over 3 million Americas move across states. Of course, interstate moves aren’t that smooth. But, with a reliable moving company, you can be rest assured of professional services. Also, you can do it by yourself. But are you ready for the hassle, planning, and surprises that come with it? Probably not. Well, then hire a reputable moving company to move you from one state to another. But wait, there are some many companies now offering interstate movement services. So, how do you choose the best one? How do you get the most reliable mover? How do you stay away from scummy companies? These are questions you should ask yourself before choosing a moving company to get you from one state to another. According to the stats, the National Consumer-based Complaint Database receives over 4,000 complaints from consumers regarding delays or belongings being held by moving companies. So, if you are planning to move between states, here are the key factors you should consider—especially when hiring a moving service. Hire a reputable moving company like www.greatguyslongdistancemovers.com and move in style.

Research Your Options

The power of conducting meticulous research cannot be underestimated. Do extensive research about the potential moving companies you are willing to work with. Start your research 30 days early. However, if you want to make things better, start 90 days early. And the best way to do it is to ask for recommendations from your friends, family members, as well as colleagues. Don’t just rely on Google search. Bad movers can pull up a deceiving website—tempting you to think that they are the best when it comes to moving you from one state to another. The best way to get a reputable mover is to go to the Better Business Bureau website. With this site, you will have an opportunity to peruse through a number of movers. Remember, the site rates movers based on complaints as well as legal actions.

Vet Them

After getting a number of recommendations, vet each one of them. Investigate these companies by looking deeper into each one of them. Look at the company name. Look if they are licensed by major bodies.

Get In-Person Estimates

The next step involves calling at least five of these companies. Call them and invite them to conduct estimates. They will send their representatives to conduct a comprehensive in-house inspection. Pro tip: Show them everything—it will help the movers give honest estimates. Also, showing them everything will eliminate things like delays as well as surprise fees during the moving day.

Ask Questions

Don’t fear to ask questions. Remember, with questions you are able to get an honest opinion as far as moving from one state to another is concerned. Try inquiring about how the fees are calculated. Know if there are any extra fees. Do they charge additional fees for packing and unpacking? What if you are moving to the 10th floor? Will they charge you more for moving your belonging to the 10th floor? These are the questions you shouldn’t shy away from asking.

Review the Offers

Once you complete the inspection, you’ll be provided with a written estimate that can either be binding or non-binding. Binding estimates only charge the stated amount, nothing less or more. However, if the mover finds out at the time of pickup that you’ve more items or services than they were originally estimated, they may be forced to revise the estimate on-site so that you can sign before packing the stuff.

Binding estimates, on the other hand, are typically based on weight, and movers can end up charging up to 10 percent more after your packing up your goods into the truck and stopping at a weighbridge station. But the good news is that you can request to be present when your goods are being weighed.

Book your Mover

When comparing estimates, the cost is the most important factor. But be keen to revisit the complaint database to establish which firm has a history of excellent service delivery. When it comes to such things, you certainly want to settle for the cheapest option.

After accepting an estimate, you’ll be provided with an order for service that includes all the carrier and pickup information, as well as the payment terms plus delivery dates. Restrain from signing any blank and incomplete documents.

Prepare for the Day

As the pickup date approaches, consult with your carrier to confirm if all the details are okay. You could also make written adjustments if necessary. Pack up all the items you’ll be moving yourself plus everything you’ll need to use in your new space before the rest of your items arrive.

Besides, you should plan to supervise the whole pickup and drop-off process. Before the goods are moved, you’ll be given a bill of lading and an inventory list. Carefully read them before signing and retain them to compare during delivery. Craft a high-level master plan regarding how you’ll organize your move.

Licensing and Insurance

You really don’t want to risk hiring a moving company that isn’t properly insured. You don’t want your household belongings to be damaged or even destroyed, right? Then, make the right decision.

Working a properly insured firm is extremely important and this is especially true when your goods are being hauled over long distances. Tracking the company’s USDOT number is one of the best ways to discover their insurance status. Having these details at your fingertips can help you choose the perfect mover.

The Bottom-Line

Moving from one state to another isn’t an easy thing. It can be demanding and exhausting—especially if you are doing it by yourself. However, you don’t have to let the hassle consume you. Hire a reputable mover to move you from one state to another. With a reliable mover, you have a partner with the experience, resources, and knowledge to move you securely. Follow the above tips and secure interstate moving service. From asking questions to licensing—these tips are sure to give you a mover you can trust. Happy moving!