Drilling & Excavation With Only One Contractor

If you are planning a project from small scale to a large project, it is vital to keep costs low by using as few contractors as possible. The more services a company can provide for you, the easier the logistics can be for any given project. EarthworkzKC trenching and directional boring services has been servicing the Kansas City area with reliable and honest service since 2009.

Founded by three professional partners with over 20 years of combined leadership and experience, here are only some of the benefits of using this multi-service construction contractor on your next project. They are experts in drilling, excavation, fiber optic installation and laying any type of piping that you could require. Their staff are extensively trained by experts in their fields and committed to continuous learning regarding advancements in the industry.

When considering laying out the infrastructure for a project, one of the considerations is how to keep costs low while still getting the best quality of workmanship. Having to hire out for numerous different services can add time and money to your project. You could use one contractor for whatever your needs may be, not only streamlining your project but creating workable logistics that can help keep you on track and on budget.

Setting the base for any building project is the first and most important step in any build. With Earthworkz Construction, it is a one-stop shop for all of your roughing needs. They provide various services for any size project and strive to maintain their reputation for excellent service and workmanship.

Directional Boring

  • Dirt or rock surface drilling
  • Specialists in pneumatic rock drilling
  • Can install any pipe from 1” up to 2 feet in diameter
  • Reach of up to 1000 ft with one bore

Rock Excavation

  • Can provide rock saws and excavation equipment if drilling isn’t an option
  • Will adapt to changing soil conditions using the latest equipment

Vacuum Excavation

  • The safest and least invasive method for utilities location
  • Will reduce public disruption surrounding construction site
  • Saves you time and money on your project


  • Use of this alternative method for pipe laying without drilling
  • A mechanical chain drive is used by experts to cut out ditches


  • Long run installation alternative for cables and ducts in open spaces
  • Easily sink up to 48” for miles

Utility Location

  • Will step in when service providers cannot do the locate because of logistical issues
  • Will solve issues of stopping at the box and avoiding private property lines
  • Work with schools, churches, malls or any other building with independent utilities

The value of having to use only one company for some or all of these necessary services on your next project can be invaluable. Imagine having only to deal with one contractor for most of your infrastructure needs. With Earthworkz you will stay connected with one project manager that can oversee several facets of the project that are ongoing, instead of chasing down several contractors for reports.

Get the best results from the best in the business.