DIY Plumbing Upgrades to Save Money on Water

Did you know that research by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety found that water-related disasters and plumbing system malfunctions contribute to the most homeowner insurance claims? Did you know that the average water disaster cost about $5,000?

Flooding is argument enough to learn more about water conservation as you are searching online for “emergency plumber Denver” services. You do not have to wait for our expert advice to change your family’s water usage behaviors, however. Here are five do-it-yourself plumbing upgrades to save money on water while also becoming more eco-friendly.

Replace Outdated Faucet Fixtures

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What is a drop of water worth? It turns out, it is a lot as every second your faucets drip, it wastes a gallon every four and a half hours and 140 gallons in just one month. In November 2017, Denver Water adopted new rate policies to perform necessary repairs to its infrastructure. You should consider doing the same to your plumbing system to conserve and save money as well.

Upgrade Your Toilets to Newer, Energy-efficient Models

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Toilets use about 40 percent of your water consumption. Toilet makers understand the value of conservation which is why there are now high-tech models available. Thankfully, there are many options available to upgrade your older toilets to new, energy-efficient ones. With a design that promotes water conservation, your family will save 20 percent on water usage. If you are unsure of when to make the switch, consider these issues:

  • Is your toilet running water constantly?
  • Are your water bills higher than average?
  • Is your toilet older than 15 years?
  • Do you notice water around the toilet?
  • Do you have cracks or internal damage to flapper or valves?

If any of these conditions are present, you are due for a toilet change.

Replace Your Shower Head to Conserve Energy

bath 2192 1280 634x423 DIY Plumbing Upgrades to Save Money on Water

In today’s market, there are many eco-friendly models designed solely for water conservation. Research shows that switching to a low-flow shower head will save the average home more than 2,900 gallons of water annually. This means significant savings every year.

Invest in a Faucet Aerator

Purchasing a faucet aerator if you do not have a modern faucet will reduce water flow by 1.5 gallons a minute. A faucet aerator is a small device that screws directly into your faucet or showerhead. By reducing water flow, it will help change your family’s usage behaviors which in turn will help you focus on additional ways to conserve.

Invest in Smart Plumbing Technology

Smart plumbing technology is one of the most significant ways to not only conserve but also prevent disasters from occurring. Smart technology will also analyze broken or leaky pipes so that you know when and where plumbing system problems occur in real time.

BrainPipes use sensors and algorithms to monitor your home’s consumption so that it knows when an inconsistency takes place. BrainPipes requires the expertise of plumbing experts to install into the main pipe since it oversees the water and sewer system.  

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