Digiscoping: What, Why and How?

Those of us who are new to the photography game, might not be familiar with the term ‘digiscoping’. So what is it, what does it entail, and how can we start doing it? After all… nobody wants to be the last to pick up a trend…

We put together this short guide to digiscoping so you can get to know it in a hurry. So grab your camera, jump on the bandwagon, and let’s learn a little something about how to take better pictures, today.

What is Digiscoping?

Digiscoping is the process of taking work-of-art quality pictures from far, far, far away. When we apply a scope to our camera, the shots we take no longer need to be zoomed-in to be close-up. In fact, any level of scope can be used with your camera. You can take telescopic shots from as far away as you please!

Why Bother Digiscoping?

Now that we know what digiscoping is – why would we go to such lengths to do it? Well, asides from getting perfection-level detail and image resolution as if you had taken the shot from inches away; you also have a few other benefits.

The benefits of Digiscoping Include:

  • Saves you money – to take up this hobby, all you need is a scope, good Digiscoping Adapters, and your camera phone. There’s no need to upgrade your old camera!
  • Saves you time – you don’t need to spend hours creeping closer to a flighty woodland creature to get a better shot… you just stay far away and zoom in.
  • Improves image clarity – relying on camera or phone zoom features never leads to a steady shot… digiscoping is the answer.
  • Get closer, without getting closer – you can reduce the amount of legwork you do while taking photographs by using a scope.

Who uses Digiscoping?

There are certain types of photographer that really benefit from using digiscope adapters. The wildlife or nature photographer saves a lot more time with a scope than a portrait photographer. In fact, bird spotters often use digiscoping to get closer to their flighty animal of choice, and you could do the same.

A digiscope can be used whenever you want to get a photo of somewhere you can’t reach or get to. When we look at pictures of planets on the News or TV shows we are often looking at a form of digiscoping. In this case, it is the observatory which has zoomed in to take the picture. 

What do I need to Digiscope?

If you want to get into this interesting, satisfying, and intriguing hobby; you don’t need much to get started. A mobile phone with a good quality camera is essential, but you can use a real camera instead. You will also need your scope, a digiscoping adapter, and some time… not to mention patience. 

All of the best photographs depend on the patience of the photographer. You can have all the flashy equipment and sense of style that you like; if you don’t have patience, that shot will never come. Don’t let it happen to you. Combine the patience with the knowledge to give yourself the best chances, today.

All it takes is a scope, an adapter, a camera and your time. What do you choose to photograph? That is entirely up to you.