Different types of garage door openers

Very few home design companies realize that even the way you open your garage affects the overall design of the home. Royalcovers.com/arizona-rooms-patio-enclosures-sunrooms/ ensures that your rooms have been designed in a unique way that suits your needs. Your garage being part of the room, selecting the right door opener for your garage is a simple but simple task that should not be ignored. These garage doors include chain drives, belt drives, direct drives, and jackshaft drives.  

Chain drives

This opener is unique in the sense that it has moving chain that enables it to roll against the rails. It makes a lot of noise mainly because it is mostly used on heavy doors which in turn exert a lot of pressure on the rails hence the noise. It also lasts over longer periods without wearing out. They are cost effective since they are easy to maintain. Modern chain drives tend to come with chain separators which allows you to set how far your garage door opens and also prevent noise when it reaches the floor.

Belt drives

The main difference between the chain drive and the belt drive is that the belt drive uses rubber to move along a cogwheel so that it can move the door up and down. Its advantage is that it’s relatively quieter compared to chain drive. It can also use a direct source of current power, which makes the stops and the starts soft. Alternating sources of current, however, make it difficult since it jerks the system because the full strength is usually used. This further makes it noisy and annoying. You should, therefore, consider the type of current you are using when trying to install the garage door opener.

Direct drives

These drives are an option for opening and closing garages. They are however not very common. However, since we live in a period where there is advanced technology regarding smart homes and gadgets such as smartphones, they are starting to be used more often. They are designed with an extended arm that enables it to move the motor while the door opens or closes. This door has little moving parts. This garage door opener makes little noises since the motor runs along the chain. Due to its technique and the expenses that are usually used to design it, they have high prices and are usually used by high-end consumers. This is also due to the fact that their warranties last for longer periods.   

Jackshaft drives

This drive is made up of an automated system that locks the garage door thus increasing the security. They lack an overhead apparatus. They operate through a network of pulleys that needs to be attached to the front of the door. The pulleys then roll through torsion bar. They are very expensive since they can be operated through the internet and therefore it will need to be Wi-Fi enabled for smart homes. They are most popular in the suburbs where the elite value their security.