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  • Wedding dress collections in Turkey


    Turkey is among the top countries in the world, where you are likely to find the most elegant and authentic wedding dresses that would suit every bride’s preference seamlessly. The wedding dresses are constantly in demand, hence the importance of knowing where to shop for the best and most authentic wedding dress collections around Turkey. […]

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  • Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend


    When Marilyn Monroe declared that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she described her deep appreciation for diamonds. Diamond earrings, bracelets, and necklaces represent love and, as Monroe said… “These rocks don’t lose their shape…” However, this is just one of the reasons that diamonds are a girl’s cherished friend. Here are a few others… […]

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  • 15 Amazing Nail Art Ideas


    They say you can always recognize a lady by her hands. A real lady can always find time to take care of her hands, which involves the nails as the most important feature of the hands. A woman should always pay attention to her hands and keep them soft and gentle. Luckily, nails offer a […]

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  • 20 Outfits With Denim Shirt


    Hey fashionista, Fantastic View Point is always here to show you the path to the newest trends and fashion. Today I present you 20 outfits with denim shirt. The new trend is here and in short you will see some combinations that can inspire you for your next outfit. Actually the denim is a timeless […]

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  • 15 Glamorous Makeup Ideas


    Hey fashionista! Your Fantastic View Point is always here with a fresh and new ideas for you that can embellish your look in a minute. For today I have 15 glamorous makeup ideas. Are you excited? All of the makeups are fabulous and I can’t decide yet which one to apply first. You are going […]

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  • 20 Street Style Inspirations


    Hey dear fashionistas! For today I have fabulous posts that can be very useful for you. It is called 20 street style inspirations! The girls below are fabulous and all of the outfits are gorgeous. I can’t decide yet which one is my favorite and which I like the most. Street Style fashion is one […]

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  • Berta Weeding Dress Collection – Winter 2014


    Berta is an Israel bridal designer, yet she is an acclaimed and world’s known fashioner. Her designs are known like an exceptionally up-to-date and advanced and when you wear wedding dresses by her, it says a lot about you – that you don’t make a compromises in your life or you basically live your dreams. […]

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  • 17 Christmas Nail Art Design


    Isn’t it chic how you can paint your mood or any merry event on your nails? From jingle bells to carefree Christmas trees, be inventive and set the tone for a Merry Christmas with some eye-getting Christmas nail symbolization designs. Also the choices are interminable as you can make a splendid sugar stick design, a […]

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  • Ideas to Complete Your Outfit with Thigh High Boots


    Thigh high boots look astounding and there are numerous superb combinations you can make with them. Thigh high boots are exceptionally in vogue for this fall/winter season and numerous designers have  them in their fall/winter collections. It is important to know how to style this special and fashionable item. They truly look exquisite with short skirt […]

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  • Elegant Christmas Hairstyle Ideas


    You know that Christmas is coming soon and you will be wanting to look fabulous for all those festive nights out, parties and celebrations with your family and friends. Have you started with the preparations? The dress is considered as the most important accessory for the human buy there are a lot of the things […]