5 Self-Care Night Ideas

Are you feeling overworked, overtired, and just plain overwhelmed? If you spend 40+ hours per week answering phones, sitting in meetings, and fulfilling every job responsibility in between, you’re likely overdue for some self-care. Doing things to fill your cup physically, mentally, and emotionally allows you to continue your daily life without the risk of burnout. If you’re new to this concept of self-care and pampering, there are countless ways to participate that can cater to your unique interests. Here are five self-care night ideas to consider the next time you need a pick-me-up.

Makeover Madness

Do you follow the same hair, makeup, and clothing patterns day in and day out? Ramp up your look with a complete makeover. Start with an online search of trendy styles and see what you can create from the pieces you own. You might be surprised to see that some of your old favorite clothing is trending in new ways. Take your usual makeup look and amp it up with mink magnetic eyelashes, a bold lip, and a winged eye. Top the look off with a fresh cut, color, or style to revamp your look from head to toe.

Spa Sisters

Self-care doesn’t have to be a solo act and can often be fun in groups. Set a spa night with your closest girlfriends to relax, unwind, and catch up on your lives. Spending time with loved ones is a refreshment to the soul and can boost your energy in the days to come. Gather face masks, foot soaks, hair treatments, and more from your local beauty supply store and get ready for memory-making. When you care for yourself and the people in your life, your heart fills in such a way that you can then pour out to others.

Binge and Chill

Your streaming queues can fill in the blink of an eye. As you work, run errands, and attempt to stay in touch with loved ones, your favorite shows pile up. Have a night of popcorn, ice cream, weighted blankets, and streaming. As you watch the shows that bring you joy, you both declutter an area of your life and fill your cup for the days to come. If you find your mind wandering to your to-do list, try watching a new show to re-capture your attention. Let your mind take a break as it becomes engrossed in new content.

Meditation Mode

Does your mind tend to rattle at the long list of responsibilities in your life? Do you find yourself battling anxiety and worry over things to come? Take control of your thoughts, calm your mind, and set a meditation plan in motion. You might find it difficult to shut down the noise and concentrate fully in practice. In these moments, turn to sites like freetrials.com. They provide access to no-cost trials of apps that can aid in guided meditation, relaxation, and improved sleep quality. When you set a steady, consistent schedule of meditation you train both mind and body to find moments of rest.

Shake It Up

If you’re extroverted by nature, self-care doesn’t have to come in the form of rest. When your energy comes from movement and physical exertion, self-care can be found there, too. After a long week, hit the gym for a new group fitness class or hit the track for a run. True self-care is about finding what rejuvenates all aspects of your being and indulging in it fully. Whether your need is a night in with yoga and food or a 5-mile walk in the woods, invest in yourself. You deserve the same amount of love and energy you pour out into the world.